Friday, 17 October 2008

Relaxing at Sebana Cove, Malaysia

Mischief Newsletter No 6

Dear friends
We’ve been both lazing away and very busy over the past 6 weeks – on the one hand the heat and humidity have slowed us down and therefore the relaxing at Sebana Cove Marina Resort has taken on new meaning: some work during the day, pool late afternoon, then hand exercises with glass of vino or gin and tonic to keep the mossies at bay!

On the other hand, Sebana Cove has been a great place to do some of the work that we identified needed doing on the way; one definition of cruising is that of fixing your boat in exotic places, and this has certainly true of our stay here.

Mind you, part of the fun has been going into the local towns, both in Malaysia and
Singapore trying to find all the parts and bits & bobs that you need: an adventure in itself!

We’ve been into Singapore a couple of times, as there is a ferry from here just next to us that goes across 3 times a day. I’ve also made a quick dash to Perth to catch up with our daughter Annika, her partner Jesper (& her gorgeous half dog/ half human, Chica). This was a time to do tax returns and totally ignore investments, the way the market has been going! The rest of the time was spent chasing exotic boat parts from an endless list Bjorn drew up. I had to acquire a suitcase just to haul back the boat bits, and only managed a corner to squeeze in some Italian salami and some cheeses!

This week, we waved farewell to ELOISE, our sailing partners in Indonesia so far, and hope to catch up with them briefly in Phuket or thereabouts. We also welcomed dear friends Gus & Gabbi on PAMPERO a few days ago and have been really enjoying catching up after some 8-9 months! And today our friends from NEREID arrived back in Sebana Cove after a trip back to the US and we hope to see more of them as we are both sailing towards the Red Sea and the Med. This is very much an integral part of the story of cruising: hellos and goodbyes to people who become very dear friends.

We’re now about ready to move on in the next few days, going round Singapore and up through the Malacca Straits!

Meanwhile, we have finally uploaded some photos of our trip so far. The web address is at:

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